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    Hey I have a vague recollection of a film that I quite enjoyed seeing late at night a few years ago...

    It was black and white...

    The protagonist had dark hair and a rebellious attitude (and for some reason I think he was welsh but I don't know for sure?) - he was attending a college I think - and I recall a scene where he sneaks into the building where his girlfriend is living.

    He lives with a roommate (who I think is a homosexual and falls in love with him)...and goes to the pub with his friends. One of his friends is from somewhere in Africa and does a trick with a match at a party?...

    I think he had issues with his girlfriend because she was from a very different background to him?

    The climax involves his roommate climbing a tower(?) on campus and falling to their death. The protagonist decides to take a train back home.

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