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    I have just recently watched the walking stick which was shown on TCM. I loved the movie, David Hemmings and soundtrack. I am looking for the song titled ebb tide which was in the background during the robbery. I understand Stanley Myers composed it , I love this version.although nowhere to be found.

    Ebbtide is sung beautifully , by an unknown artist?

    I love British films , they are so different .

    I am also interested in seeing more of David Hemmings films, such as Charlie Muffin.

    They are so hard to fined helpsmilie:

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    Ebb Tide written in 1953 by lyricist Carl Sigman and composer Robert Maxwell

    Are you thinking of Cavatina ?

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    I will look for ot and see if I can get it , I also liked some of the other music as well.

    I have cavatina, and love that one as well. there are a few other pieces that are not listed.

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    Ebb Tide was recorded by The Platters,Righteous Brothers and Vic damone among others.

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