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    does anyone remember the old LWT muredr mystery and suspense films, I have been trying to remember the name of the one about a young woman called amy who is plagued by menacing phone calls where the caller whispers "soon amy soon. nobody believes her and eventually she is kidnapped and murdered and her body is dumped in a lake. fortunately she is not dead and wit the help of the police turns up at the hotel room of her two would be killers, one of which left the room and this is when amy turns up still dripping wet at the door, to the shock of the female accomplice who shuts and locks the door screaming for amy to go away as she thinks amy is dead and is haunting her. the door handle is then slowly turned and in a panick the hysterical woman fires her gun through the door, unfortunately for her when she opens the door her partner in crime is lying dead having returned frm the car.

    sorry about the length of the post just hope the plot can help someone identify the name of the film.


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    Might be this:

    No Place to Hide (1981) (TV)


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    Written by Jimmy Sangster and directed by this forum's very own John Moxey...sounds interesting.

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