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Horror Castle

La vergine di Norimberga

Antonio Margheriti
(as Anthony Dawson)

Laird of the Castle, Max, brings his bride home to the family pile unaware (or not) that secrets lurk within.

Well, this is a mess - I suspect some of these cast names are merely the Anglicized versions of some of the actors doubling up.

-The Sloth

Indeed, the names listed in the opening credits (Patrik Walton, Carole Windsor, Rex Vidor, James Borden, Peter Hardy, Bredon Brett and Robert Mayor) all appear to be spurious Anglizations, the exact connection of which to specific actors is unknown. Curti's Italian Gothic Horror Films, 1957-1969 credits the doctor as Luigi Severini, an actor who does not appear to exist, and appears to be a confusion for Leonardo Severini. Some sources credit him as the doctor, but I am confident it is Dell'Arti portraying him.

Visually stylish, though poorly scripted, with an excellent score by Riz Ortolani. This film was perhaps the first truly gory Italian horror film, and was influential in ways out of proportion to its origins (filmed in a mere three weeks after Castle of Blood to use that film's sets and crew).

-Dave W.

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La vergine di Norimberga
15th August 1963

83 mins

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15th May 1964

80 mins

Horror Castle
10th January 1965

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3rd February 1965

The Virgin of Nuremberg
30th March 2004

6th January 2009

Rossana Podestà
Mary Hunter
Georges Rivière
Max Hunter
Christopher Lee
Jim Dolen
John Selby
Lucile Saint-Simon
Hilde - Victim
(as Lucille St.Simon)
Laura Nucci
Consalvo Dell'Arti
Anny Degli Uberti
Abducted Woman
Unknown 8789
Fred - Servant
Luciana Milone
Mirko Valentin
The General
Adolf Hitler
(archival footage)
Unknown 8789
German Officer Watching Surgery
Unknown 8789
Police Officer
Leonardo Severini
Undetermined Role
(see note)