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Malta Story

Brian Desmond Hurst

WWII tale of Malta under siege. Nothing special, but worthy film on neglected if not forgotten subject. Good cast, though Guinness is disappointing.

-The Sloth

Worthy war story on a worthy subject is quite good when it sticks to the combat, but bogs down when it comes to the inevitable romantic subplots. Hawkins and Truman stand out among a generally fine cast. Guinness, however, is another story - all of his scenes performed with a distant, slightly smirking expression, as if he is far too good for the material. All well and good; after all, Oliver Reed made a career out of doing the same thing. Guinness lobbied hard for this role as a way of breaking out of "funny little men" roles, though, which makes his odd performance all the more distracting. Still, a fine salute to Malta and her defenders, helped by a finely understated ending that only British filmmakers seem to be able to make.

Note: Many of the actors listed as unconfirmed must have had their roles cut, as certainly did Peter Bull as a flying officer. Contrary to what IMDb states, it is not John Meillon playing the sub commander; the actor would have been 19 at the time!

-dave W.

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19th June 1953

97 mins

5th August 1954

17th May 2004

30th May 2011

103 mins

Alec Guinness
Flight Lieutenant Peter Ross
Jack Hawkins
Air Commodore Frank
Anthony Steel
Wing Commander Bartlett
Muriel Pavlow
Maria Gonzar
Renée Asherson
Joan Rivers
Hugh Burden
Major Eden
Nigel Stock
Giuseppe Gonzar, aka Ricardi
Reginald Tate
Vice Admiral Payne
Ralph Truman
Vice Admiral Willie Banks
Flora Robson
Melita Gonzar, Maria's Mum
Bob Danvers-Walker
Voice: Narrator
Anthony Snell
Hudson Pilot
Donovan Winter
Hudson Co-Pilot
Jack Armstrong
Hudson Passenger
Ronald Adam
Group Captain, Operations
Michael Medwin
Squadron Leader Ramsey,
CO 'Phantom' Squadron
Jill Raymond
Operations Room Plotter
Anne Smith
Operations Room Plotter
Lane Meddick
Sailor Exiting Shelter
Unknown 11935-03
Noel Willman
Lt. Frank Hobley, Fleet Air Arm Pilot
Harold Siddons
Flight Lieutenant Matthews
Lee Patterson
Pilot on Back of Truck
Unknown 11935-04
Karrozin Driver
Unknown 11935-05
Priest in Shelter
Jerry Desmonde
Garrison Commander
Stuart Burge
Paolo Gonzar, Maria's Brother
Rosalie Crutchley
Carmella Gonzar, Paolo's Wife
Richard O'Sullivan
Nino Gonzar
Johnny Rossi
Bus Passenger
Thomas Heathcote
Radar Operator
Marc Sheldon
Radar Officer
Victor Maddern
Perce, Soldier on Airfield
Sam Kydd
Soldier on Airfield
Unknown 11935-07
Soldier on Airfield
(Russell Westwood?)
Stephen Vercoe
Soldier on Airfield
Dermot Kelly
Sergeant with News Clipping
Maurice Denham
Voice: Governor
Voice: Rome Radio Announcer
Unknown 11935-09
Pilot Listening to Speech
Ivor Barnard
Old Man in Food Queue
Unknown 11935-10
Hilda Green
Woman in Food Queue
Unknown 11935-01
Old Woman in Food Queue
Geoffrey Keen
Soldier Manning AA Battery
Gordon Jackson
Alec, Soldier Manning AA Battery
Derek Aylward
Naval Cypher Officer
Barry Wynne
Pierce, Luga Airfield Controller
James Drake
Lieutenant Whitaker
William Russell
Officer in Prison
Unknown 11935-12
John Martin
Naval Surgeon
Unknown 11935-11
Submarine Commander
Peter Barkworth
Cypher Clerk
Edward Chaffers
Stripey (unconfirmed)
Michael Craig
Officer (unconfirmed)
Stuart Douglas
Naval Liaison Officer in Operations Room
Hugh Falkus
Army Officer in Operations Room
Richard Leven
Soldier (unconfirmed)
Emrys Leyshon
Naval Liaison Officer
Colin Loudan
O'Connor (unconfirmed)
Jean Shepeard
Old Lady in Food Queue
Antony Christoforou
Young Boy
Pauline Henri
Young Girl
Janet Lee
Little Girl
Marcia Manolescue
Young Girl
Spitfire Mk. XVI
SS Ohio
SS Ohio (archive)