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Peeping Tom


Michael Powell

Sordid tale of a photographer who gets his kicks taking pics of folk's dying expressions. Caused an outrage in its day. Farely tame by today's standards but marvel at Powell & Pressburger's moxie. For genre connoisseurs.

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7th April 1960

16th May 1960

15th May 1962

Peeping Tom (Special Edition)
16th November 1999


14th May 2024

Karlheinz Böhm
Mark Lewis
(as Carl Boehm)
Moira Shearer
Anna Massey
Helen Stephens
Maxine Audley
Mrs. Stephens
Brenda Bruce
Miles Malleson
Elderly Gentleman Customer
Esmond Knight
Arthur Baden
Michael Goodliffe
Don Jarvis
Martin Miller
Dr. Rosen
Jack Watson
Insp. Gregg
Shirley Anne Field
Pauline Shields (as Shirley Ann Field)
Pamela Green
John Barrard
small man
Keith Baxter
John Chappell
Clapper Boy
Robert Crewdson
Shop Assistant on Film Set
Roland Curram
Young Man in Sports Car
Nigel Davenport
Sgt. Miller
John Dunbar
Police Doctor
Maurice Durant
Publicity Chief
Cornelia Frances
Girl in Sports Car Leaving Studio
Veronica Hurst
Miss Simpson
M. Le Compte
Lover in Garden
Mme. Le Compte
Lover in Garden
Bartlett Mullins
Mr. Peters - News Agent Shop Owner
Margaret Neale
Mark's Stepmother
Columba Powell
Mark as a Child
Michael Powell
Mark's Father - A.N. Lewis
Guy Kingsley Poynter
P. Tate - Studio Cameraman
Alan Rolfe
Store Detective
Frank Singuineau
Electrician #1
Peggy Thorpe-Bates
Mrs. Partridge
Susan Travers
Brian Wallace
Tony - Downstairs Lodger in Lewis' House
Brian Worth
Assistant Director

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