Film Dope

They Who Dare

Lewis Milestone
British Lion
Mayflower Pictures
Production Company

British commandos with Greek guides land via submarine on Rhodes to sabotage Italian airfields.

Typical wartime drama suffers from a fatal lack of urgency. The film just meanders predictably from plot point to plot point, occassionally stopping to look at the scenery. Hard to believe this was directed by the same person who made All Quiet on the Western Front. The cast is also largely wasted, as the characters are little more than cardboard stereotypes. Bogarde's character, in particular, is one of the most uninspiring and gormless officers ever put on film, and an insultingly far cry from the actual person his character is based on. Has its moments, but they are too few and far between to make for a satisfying experience.The kookaburra heard calling at night in the Rhodian countryside doesn't really add to the versimilitude!

-Dave W.

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8th March 1954

104 mins

Dirk Bogarde
Lieutenant Graham
Denholm Elliott
Sergeant Corcoran ('Brains')
Akim Tamiroff
Captain George One
Gérard Oury
Captain George Two
Eric Pohlmann
Captain Nikolides Papadapoulos
Alec Mango
David Peel
Sergeant Evans
Sam Kydd
Marine Boyd
William Russell
Lieutenant Tom Poole
(as Russell Enoch)
Peter Burton
Marine Barrett ('Basher')
Harold Siddons
Lieutenant Stevens
Michael Mellinger
Anthea Leigh
Kay Callard
Nightclub Singer
Lisa Gastoni
George Two's Girlfriend
Eileen Way
Greek Woman
Submarine Crewman
Ernest Bale
Submarine Executive Officer
Patroklis' Mother
Father Kostantis
Christopher Rhodes
German Officer at Airfield
Peter Taylor
German Officer at Airfield
Robert Rietty
Italian Officer at Airfield
Italian Soldier