Film Dope

The Professionals
Old Dog With New Tricks

Friday, 13th January 1978
11:30 am ITV4

Season 1, Episode 3

A gang boss hires a small army of men and arsenal to spring his brother from prison. Meanwhile one of the gang takes a nurse hostage and holds a live grenade down her bra.

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

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Gordon Jackson
George Cowley
Martin Shaw
Ray Doyle
Lewis Collins
William Bodie
Johnny Shannon
Charley Turkel
Stephan Chase
Phil Davis
Billy Turner
Richard Hampton
Pamela Stephenson
Nurse Emma Bolding
Anthony Morton
Henry Turkel
John Judd
Police Inspector
Basil Hoskins
Dr. Brook
Edward Dentith
High Ranking Police Officer
Howard Bell
CID Sergeant
Bridget Brice
Betty, Cowley's secretary
Sammie Winmill
Young Lady
Chris Webb
Gate Guard
Ken Kitson
Thomas Patrick Murphy
Bobby Cooper
Dave Ramsey
Del Baker
Truck Driver
David English
Army Officer
Jerry Baker
CI5 Man
Penny Dussek
Nurse Stoft
Gerald Paris
Felicity Devonshire
Guy Standeven
Desk Sergeant
Dennis Plenty
Uniformed Policeman
Alan Harris
Radio Operator
Christopher Ashley