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Adam Adamant Lives!
D for Destruction

Thursday, 13th October 1966
 8:00 pm BBC1

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Iain Cuthbertson
Col. Mannering
Gerald Harper
Adam Adamant
Juliet Harmer
Georgina Jones
Patrick Troughton
Gen. Mongerson
Jack May
William E. Simms
Michael Ripper
Sgt. Major Jeffers
Walter Sparrow
Corporal Grey
John Hart Dyke
Private Davis
Anthony Blackshaw
Corporal Jenkins
Michael Sheard
John Porter-Davison
Private Jones (as John Porter Davison)
Bill Burns
TA Soldier
Robin Dawson
TA Soldier / RA Camp Guard
John Freeman
RA Camp Guard
Leslie Bates
TA Soldier
Alec Coleman
TA Soldier / TA Driver
Reg Cranfield
TA Soldier
Jim Delaney
TA Soldier / RA Major
Peter Ensor
TA Soldier
Charles Erskine
TA Soldier / RA Guard
Brian Gilmar
Pat Gorman
War Office Guard / TA Soldier
Derek Martin
TA Soldier / TA Driver / RA Technician
Jay McGrath
RA Camp Guard
Ian McKay
RA Corporal Technician
Bryan Mosley
Dennis Plenty
RA Camp Guard
Ken Sedd
TA Soldier
Vic Taylor
TA Soldier
Terry Walsh